1:53 am. N19 was so full! waiting for N11 now at sloane square station/lower sloane station.

2:10 am. at victoria. unsure about N44. have to ask. not on the plan, but on the screen... (8 minutes). 2:15 am. drunken youth at the stop, but "they don't know where they are". now they leave "back to the club". somebody will pick them up and "knows where to go" next. 2:20 am. drunken girls coming barefoot with their heels in hands from "the club" shouting at me across the street: "excuse me, do you know where to find the closest chips shop?!" I don't. others are singing "move bitch, get out the way."

2:23 am. sleeping creatures on the back bench in N44.

3:26 am. no people around here. now sitting at bus stop f waiting for N3 to abingdon street. 3:31 am. just met two spanish speaking drunken halloween ghosts! took four pictures of them. one is from columbia and the other one from argentina.

3:57 am. in 23.

4:02 am. have to wait 20 minutes for 94. just in time. will walk to the circus while waiting. 4:07 am. waiting at the circus. people on their way somewhere. 4:15 am. probably home. like me. waiting with them for the buses. my sketchbook is falling apart.

PART TWO of my project called 'getting my money's worth'. click HERE for part one and an explanation.
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