5:26 am. 13 minutes waiting at swiss cottage station for my first official day-bus. 5:30 am. buying chocolate in an off license shop next to the bus stop.

5:37 am. I met toni. I asked him where he is going to and he thought that was a good fucking question. he also gave me a good fucking answer by singing 'destination unknown'. toni explained me that the world is full of silly bolocks and that he is happy about me being happy.

6:01 am. 'nothing' at elgin avenue. daylight is coming step by step, birds a singing.

6:22 am. just missed my bus! daylight!

7:15 am. passed my brothers house with bus 88. now waiting at robert street for number 29. 3 more minutes.

7:20 am. daylight is so pretty. now at camden town station. smell of fresh bread and coffee.

PART THREE of my project 'getting my money's worth', where I spent 24 hours on different buses in and around london. click HERE for the other parts. 
I am at home in munich since yesterday and spent two days in berlin before that to visit some family and friends. being back home after 3 months feels quite strange, but good. I have to do a lot of things (writing an essay and making some christmas gifts) and meet a lot of people here. this has to be done before friday when my brother, my mum and I fly to hongkong to celebrate christmas at my dad's place.
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