7:30 am. walked to stop w. missed 214, now 6 minutes waiting... school kids and students around here, and one crazy old man who always screams and laughs badly at buses and cars. I saw him as well when I have been around here the last time. 7:38 am. in 214. many people. low bus, only groundfloor.

7:50 am. just crossed st pancras station and of course I couldn't take my eyes from the nice roof construction. waiting for bus 10 now.

8:45 am. where is 205?! I am waiting at penton street!

9:22 am. at city road. went to the toilet at pret a manger. now in 76 and almost felt down when walking up the stairs with all my luggage...nice weather! 9:26 am. sandwich time! (chicken)

9:35 am. got the bus right on time, now in number 15 towards blackwall.

10:06 am. in 78! 10:11 almost everybody gets out at liverpool street, only me and one other person on the bus' ground floor now.

PART FOUR of the photos from my project 'getting my money's worth'. 24 hours spent on different buses in and around london. click HERE to see the first three parts.

I am leaving hongkong tomorrow morning to fly to tokyo together with my brother. really looking forward to it!

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