about a week ago I bought myself a new camera. apart from the beautiful way it looks and sounds - the sound is so good you should really hear it or maybe I am just crazy - I also expect it to shoot nice medium format photos. flying to china tonight I suddenly thought I should have developed at least one film before leaving, just to make sure the camera works out well. so yesterday, when I went to the 'englischer garten' in munich with my friend sophia I asked her to let me take a few pictures of her. she really doesn't like being photographed, but as she left me waiting for her in the cold for almost an hour she couldn't say no. being home I couldn't wait to develop them in the little darkroom I set up in my basement about a year ago. I was happy to use it again after having been away from home for such a long time. I think my first medium formats look good, but I already know some things I need to change to make them look even better. sophia on the opposite looks lovely the way she is, no need to avoid cameras.
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