12:35 pm. a bus just passed. seeing my camera the driver began to smile, so I followed her a few steps to the red street light and did her this favor.

1:09 pm. dalston is a nice place, london is so lovely! have been on the toilet in an asian restaurant. now I already see bus 67 in the distance. 1:15 pm. on the bus. 6 stops. short way.  
1:30 pm. on 393. I will stay 19 stops on that bus. sadly it doesn't have an upper deck. two teenage girls with braises and chewing gums are talking to another guy. apparently they are going to buy halloween costumes in a 'kids shop' we just passed. they get of. the smallest human being I have ever seen just entered the bus. asian. she asks a guy to let her take his seat, he agrees. houses are getting bigger in this neighborhood. sign on house: 'no ball games'. sad. I am in islington. so much housing communities here. passed a cafe with a laughing woman sitting behind the window, picture. exciting ride. seriously.
1:55 pm. getting of at holloway road. a guy is asking me for a lighter to light his joint, there you go, mister. 2:03 pm. bought a flapjack, one pound, one picture, will not appear on TV, I promise. maybe someday in the TATE modern though. missed the bus. worth it.

2:50 pm. on the bus 143. I will spend 20 minutes on here and it's a low bus again. 2:59 pm. boring ride so far. 3:07 pm. absolut living area here. well, there could be people living here, it's not really clear if there actually are.

3:11 pm. arrived at finchley central station. 30 minutes ahead of my planing. 3:14 pm. if you don't think motorbikes are interesting, there is not a lot to see for you around this bus stop. for me, there wasn't. 

I don't even know which part of this series this is, so I just call it NEXT PART of 'getting my money's worth'. in this project I spent 24 hours driving on about 60 different buses in and around london. While doing that I took pictures and made a lot of notes of what I saw and thought. good fun. click HERE to get to all of the parts I uploaded up to now.

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