10:30 am. on bus number 8 to roman road market. will eat my prepared lunch now, tuna pasta, 15 stops.

10:53 am. arrived at old ford road. one stop too early. had an interesting ride and nice tuna pasta. 11:04 am. walked to the next stop where I can take the 276 too. road ford market must be pretty close. so quiet here compared to the city! waiting and watching now.

11:08 am. I am in 276. should be 12 stops to marsh hill. sitting in the first row on the left. the bus has only one floor. seems to be a living area. not a lot of people on the street, just monotonous houses and vehicles moving through the neighborhood. now we are in hackney wick. just saw an old santa claus doll hanging in the tree, seems to be from one year ago, that's what's up.

11:30 am. arrived in morning lane, it's in hackney centre.

11:40 am. first floor, bus 48, hackney town seems to be nice and fun. 11:48 am. I am getting tired. concentration! 11:50 am. red bull!

this is PART FIVE of a project I did within my degree last year. I called it 'getting my money's worth' and what I did is spending 24 hours on different buses. in advance I planned a full day route in and around the city on 30th october 2011. like that I explored the city excessively. at the same time I took black and white photographs and made notes about the things I saw and thought during the journey. now I am presenting the outcome part by part chronologically. click HERE to also see the previous parts I posted. doing this I was sitting in about 60 different buses and passed about 500 stops. 
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