seeing those pictures I realize what an incredible impact the city tokyo made on me. not sure if I can put into words what I liked about the city. all seems to be about the detail. when I left tokyo after some days, I didn't remember big buildings or famous locations; I remembered people's faces, the way they decorated their surrounding or how they were writing, nearly painting their beautiful signs on tiny sheets of paper. the details. I will also remember the calmness. just a few steps from the big streets, you suddenly find yourself in a small neighborhood, where there isn't any rush hour or city noise. 

the pictures are still from my first film from tokyo as I haven't manage to develop more yet. they are taken on our first evening and the first morning when we started the day with fresh sushi at the fish market. in lots of tiny restaurants, they are serving you the fish they got at the fish auctions on the same morning. after doing that they smile at you like the chef in the last photograph. writing that I am not sure if smiling is the right word, but he looks happy and I am sure he is.
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