I do admit, this post seems really random, but I had it in mind for quite a long time. it is called "goldfish international" and shows three goldfishes I met during the last year in three different countries.
number one was found on a friend's fridge in berlin in november 2011, about 5 months later the house burnt down, I did not ask what happend to the fish...
number two crossed my way in front of a little shop in an abandoned area in north hongkong, new territories. the shop's owner saw me taking this photo and took me to his backyard proudly presenting other huge fishes he is growing there.
the third one lives in a bar in london, peckham called "bar story". the bar is a really cool place and I recommend it to everyone - except fishes, I wouldn't recommend it to fishes.
that's it, thanks for appreciating odd stories like that. over.
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