11:55 pm. waiting at new cross gate for bus 21. excited to start my journey. it's halloween.

00:43 am. full moon.

00:59 am. on bus N68.

01:13 am. at aldwych/somerset house. already feel a bit hungry. opened my first pack of crackers.

01:23 am. waiting at trafalgar square. 12 minutes for the N9. it's a quiet night so far. expected halloween to be different in the uk.

PART ONE of my project called 'getting my money's worth'. in my courses first brief we were told to break a world record. i decided to spend 24 hours driving on as many different buses in london as possible. my attempt took place on october 30th and was a great succes. i saw lots of interesting things and people, took nice black and whites, made many detailed notes some of which you see written under the pictures and i have a little idea about the the city's size and the eternal variety of places it offers. i really like london. during the full day i sat on about 60 different buses, passed over 500 stops and filled 6 kodak t-max 400 black and white films. more pictures to come. p.s.: i recommend this way of exploring a city to everybody.
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