PART ONE. those pictures where taken on november 3rd, first day of reading week, on a halloween party in hackney wick. I got there because of my friend jasper. some time ago he and a friend (fin, fifth picture) built a photobooth called 'überschnap'. it's not a normal photobooth, you can find it at parties and it isn't a machine running it, it's a human inside the booth taking pictures with a polaroid camera. check out überschnap's pictures by clicking HERE. I helped them out at this event and it was a lot of fun. 3000 people went crazy and dressed up even crazier. I brought my camera as well, but didn't take any pictures earlier then when the lights turned on at 6am. people didn't think of going home, but didn't have a good alternativ either, so they just sat down all over the building, looking pretty fucked up and probably asking themselves if all the preparation was really worth it. It was. there are some more nice pictures from that event to come.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Your pictures are beautiful and really inspire me to pick up my old camera back.
I have a question though, how do you get your pictures with the film frame?

leon eckert hat gesagt…

Hi there, thanks a lot!
It's simple if you know how to use a flatbed negative scanner. You just don't use this filmguide (that plastic where you normally mount your film slide) which comes with the scanner, but place your films directly on the glass. They must not be curled in any way for doing that. good luck

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